What plants to buy next for your garden

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow ~Audrey Hepburn.

Plants make the environment to be more relaxing and it freshens the air that we breathe. Making that decision of what to plant in your garden is very important, the first thing is you have to have a picture or idea of how you would like the garden to look like, thereafter, you can start shopping for plants. Below I will discuss the edible and non –edible plants that you can plant in your garden and some of the unique preferences about those plants.


Non Edible Plants

  1. Roses
The beautiful red blossomed garden roses

Rose flowers have been embraced across the world as a form of appreciation or love to someone. They have an aesthetic feature that is very attractive and brings beauty to your garden. Roses vary in size and shape and are usually large and attractive. It comes in different color ranges, this includes white, yellow, and reds. For your first attempt at planting a rose, choose to plant a shrub or landscape rose because they require very little care and are more resistant to diseases.


  1. Hydrangeas
Hydrangea flower closeup

Hydrangeas are impeccable plants, they bloom in almost any climate. They are low maintenance plants hence do not need too much attention. These plants at times change the color based on the presence of aluminum in the soil.


  1. Succulent
Succulents in desert botanical garden.

This is one of those plants that is a must to have, we all in a succulent plant in our garden. They are tiny plants with aesthetic features that capture the eye at first sight. Succulent does not need high maintenance and can survive for a while. All you need is to water it to make sure it does not dry so that it can maintain its fleshly leaves.


  1. Fragrant Plant
Fragrant smell of the famous lavender.

Nothing smells better in the morning than fresh natural air. We all love to wake in the morning and just smelling that fresh odor, this is why having a fragrant plant in your garden is essential. There are a variety of plants that gives the garden a good fragrance, they include; Dianthus, peonies, and lavender are reliable perennials for a sweet scent. When you go to purchase these flowers they will advise you further on which to go with.


  1. Evergreen
A large, creamy white southern magnolia flower blossom is circled by the glossy green leaves of the tree.

Going by the name of this plant, it provides color in the cold weather months. You can never go wrong with the evergreen plant, it comes in different shapes depending on the amount of space you have in your garden.


  1. Climbing Plant
Field bindweed Convolvulus arvensis flowers still closed, in fallow field. Flowers close for the night, opening with increasing sunlight.

Climbing plants usually have tendrils and can grow non-stop therefore they need the support of a trellis. They give a sense of richness and depth to any garden space and with the proper knowledge, you’ll have healthy and luscious climbing plants. A good example is the Passion fruit.


  1. Coneflower
A closeup shot of purple coneflower with a bee on the center in a blurry background

Coneflower is highly recommended to anyone as thrives in poor or good soil. It requires very low maintenance you can even forget about watering your coneflower. It is usually described as a drought-tolerant plant that one can ignore all season.


  1. Coral bells

This plant is a low maintenance plant, the flowers and foliage add color and texture to your garden. It blossoms in varying colors of coral, pink, white, and red during the late spring and early summer. Less work is needed after you have established the plant


Edible Plants

  1. Herbs
Different types of herbs.

Who needs to go to the market and shop for different types of herbs and you can decide to plant them in your garden? Most herbs are easy to grow and their flowers attract pollinators. Ideally, you need to understand whether the plants are perennial or you need to replant every other season, this is to ensure that you keep your garden in check and choose which plant to go with. Some of the highly recommended herbs to plant in your garden are, Mint, thyme, sage, oregano, basil.


  1. Strawberry plants
Strawberry grown in garden house.

Make your garden blossom by planting edibles. Edibles are pretty and practical in planters or beds. Growing your strawberries might take longer compared to other plants, however, it is worth the wait.


  1. Tomato Plant
Tomatoes being picked.

We all need tomatoes while cooking, making a salad, or even preparing your breakfast, then why should you continue buying and you can decide to grow your tomatoes. Tomatoes need high maintenance and spraying of water at least daily to ensure that they come out well. Once you have adhered to these you shall be impressed by the outcome. Tomatoes take a period of 60 to 80days to harvest and the production is high.


  1. Rosemary Tree
Blossoming rosemary plants.

Many people have embraced the usefulness of the rosemary, it serves so many purposes in the kitchen from making tea to marinating you meant. This plant requires very low maintenance and brings out a good aroma to the garden. Once you have planted a rosemary plant you do not have to worry about planting it again.


  1. Lemon Grass
Fresh lemongrass ready to be cooked with a meal.

Lemongrass is the easiest to grow and it has low maintenance, once you have established the plant less work is required to take care of the plant. When buying lemongrass from a grocery store you need to follow the below steps;

  • Find the freshest lemongrass you can buy
  • You cut a couple of inches off the top of the lemongrass and remove any part that looks like it’s dead.
  • After cutting it off, place the stalk in a glass of surface water and place it near a sunny place.
  • After a few weeks, you shall notice the formation of roots at the bottom of the lemongrass. Wait until the roots mature then place them in the soil.


Bottom Line

Gardens matter for the planet as it acts as an important place for water to be filtered or carbon to be sequestered by trees. Plants play a big role in the environment and therefore making that decision to plant is a good initiative. You can always shop for a plant online or decide to go and visit the shop. If you need any help with gardening, we have sponsored partner who can help, visit ldngardening.com for more information on how they can help you with designing your gardens so you can plant your next big thing.